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Courageous Women in the Automotive Industry

The Automotive Industry Is Stronger With Women

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We believe that the automotive industry will be stronger and better when it centers on the voices of the many courageous women who make up its ranks. Amazing Women in Automotive, AWiA, provides a variety of forums for women to discuss the issues they face as a minority in the automotive industry, such as weekly Round Tables and small gatherings, and automotive mentorships. 

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The Automotive Industry Strengthens When It Focuses On The Voices of Women In The Industry

Through our weekly Round Tables and automotive mentorship program, AWiA seeks to support, train, and ask these questions: 

  • What measures could be taken to create gender parity in the automotive industry? 
  • What do the women currently in the automotive industry need in order to do their jobs well?
  • What issues and problems do they currently face? 

If you are a woman in the automotive industry, AWiA wants you to know: You are not alone. 

At Amazing Women in Automotive, our mission is to support women, recruit women into the automotive workforce, and join forces with schools and government agencies to help place women in the automotive industry. If you are looking for a new skill, industry, or wish to support a female within the automotive industry, join our weekly round table or reach out by email to the team at Amazing Women in Automotive at, we want to hear from you!