Recruiting, Retention, and Mentorship

Amazing Women in Automotive, AWiA, provides assistance with female recruitment, retention, and mentorship by supporting women in the automotive industry in a variety of ways. AWiA is excited about our growing momentum and looks forward to sharing our weekly Round Tables with women just like you.

We want to share with you what Amazing Women in Automotive focus to accomplish. At Amazing Women in Automotive, we recruit women to join the automotive industry, retain women in the automotive industry workforce, and guide women into the automotive industry to help grow the number of skilled workers.

How We Recruit

We work to educate and encourage females within all schools, whether middle school, high school, or even tech schools! It is never too early to let our future female workforce know what the auto industry offers them and allow them to explore a career in the automotive industry.

How We Retain Women

We provide shops with assistance in becoming “female-friendly” to recruit more female techs, reduce the industry tech shortage, and provide a safe place for women to gather each week to discuss what is happening in their shops and juggling their work-life balance.

How We Mentor Women

AWiA provides a platform for women in the automotive industry to come together for support within our AWiA Roundtable group. 

Encouraging Women to Enter the Automotive Industry

When it comes to supporting women in the automotive industry, Amazing Women in Automotive is an inclusive and supportive community focused on helping retain, recruit and mentor women to encourage them to join forces in the automotive industry. As we all know, the workforce is shrinking within the automotive industry, and we need to recruit and train more individuals. How best do we support the automotive industry? By increasing the number of women in the workforce! Did you know that less than 3% of women work in the industry? That is right! Men service 96% of the automotive industry! Our goal at AWiA is to encourage women to join forces to support and grow together in strength and numbers.

At Amazing Women in Automotive, our mission is to support women, recruit women into the automotive workforce, and join forces with schools and government agencies to help place women in the automotive industry. If you are looking for a new skill, industry, or wish to support a female within the automotive industry, join our weekly round table or reach out by email to the team at Amazing Women in Automotive at, we want to hear from you!