For Industry Professionals:

Power the Future of Automotive

Welcome to Amazing Women in Automotive, AWiA, a hub that connects accomplished professionals like you with fresh talent in the automotive world. As an industry professional, your expertise and guidance can fuel the dreams of many young aspirants. Here at AWiA, you can step into the role of a mentor, expand your network, and make the most of our vibrant professional events.

Become a Mentor, Light a Path

There’s a unique sense of fulfillment in sharing your knowledge and experience with those just beginning their journey in the industry. By becoming a mentor with AWiA, you can guide aspiring young professionals, share insights, and make a real difference in their career paths. Your wisdom can inspire, motivate, and help navigate them towards success.

Expand Your Network, Inspire & Be Inspired

Networking is a two-way street with benefits at both ends. AWiA offers you a platform to connect with other industry professionals and emerging talent. Engage in insightful conversations, share your experiences, learn from others, and create lasting relationships. Together, we can inspire each other to keep pushing boundaries in the automotive industry.

Connect at Upcoming Events

Engagement is key in a thriving professional community. AWiA hosts various events throughout the year – virtual roundtables, workshops, industry meet-ups, and more. Our events are tailored for knowledge-sharing, networking, and professional growth.

Be part of the dialogue with industry experts, share your experiences, learn from your peers, and empower the next generation of automotive professionals. To join, simply keep an eye on our ‘Events’ page and look for weekly emails for the latest updates and registration details. Sign up, and get ready for enriching experiences.

At AWiA, we’re driven by our mission to promote a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant automotive industry. We invite you to join us, share your expertise, and help shape the future of automotive. Reach out to us to learn more about mentorship opportunities, networking, and our upcoming events. Together, let’s drive the change we wish to see in the automotive world!